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Welcome to diggkiller (also resolves here), a sick 2-D shooter that implements the digg api. I made it in the months I've been unemployed. If you want to see the progress and various builds of the game, click here. If you feel like contacting me for any reason (job offers, nobel prize nominations, death threats) hit me at If you want the source code for the game it's downloadable to the right. Also, you can check out other cool stuff I've done over at, like the diggnation flash banner game. Also, yes, I know my high score table is totally hackable by intercepting the http requests, and yes you could blow up my db if you wanted, but come on... don't be a dick.

- Kurt

UPDATE: A lot of Mac users have been complaining about the use of the Cmd key for shooting, so now the letter x is also an option for normal fire.

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